Bundle Passes:
- are sold online only (below or at https://forroweltfestival.eventbrite.de/)
- Fullpass (5 days workshops + parties), Party-Pass (5 days parties), Beginner-Pass (5 days beginner-workshops + parties)

Single Party Tickets:
- are sold at the event only
- Friday, Saturday and Sunday: 20€
- Thursday and Monday: 10€
- only a certain amount available at the door (if you want do be sure to have one, please buy a party pass!)

- we can't offer single days or single workshop tickets (our program is concentrated on saturday and sunday, if you can't join the workshops on friday you miss only 2 of them)

- Follower-Fullpasses are sold out already


Facebook-Event: here


Party-venues: here


Workshop-Information: here



Registration Problems:
Some people reported that the prozess doesn't work here. In this case (or for being secure) please visit

Capacity Forrówelt-Festival 2019:

Gesamtkapazität Festival: 200 Tickets
Fullpässe: 60 (30 Follower, 30 Leader, Verkauf in drei getrennten Slots mit je 10 Tickets: 99€, 115€, 130€)


Beginner-Pässe: 40 (20 Follower, 20 Leader), Verkauf ab April: 80€)
Party-Pässe: 100 (3 Slots: 30 für 40€, 30 für 45€, 40 für 50€)