We collected trash for min. 30 minutes. #moreforrólessplastic

How to take part in the "more forró - less plastic"-Challenge:
1st: Go outside and collect 30 minutes as much trash (plastic most important) as you can find

2nd: Take a picture of you and the trash you collected

3rd: Please be sure to recycle the trash in the right way for being save that it won't return to the nature

4th: Post a picture with #moreforrólessplastic and send it to lessplastic@forroworld.com


It is a lot to do to save the enviroment, but you have to start somehwere. Every peace of plastic we recycle will stay away from the enviroment forever. We forrozeir@s are respectful people who care a lot about making a difference. We can be a rolemodel for other groups, for other people doing the same. Vamos!